Bloomsday (Dublin)

While in Dublin, I re-traced most of Bloomsday, beginning with the Martello Tower in which Stephen Dedalus and Buck Mulligan briefly shared lodgings.

Bloomsday: June 16, 1904, the day in Dublin that Joyce chronicles in his book Ulysses. It was also the day he first went out with Nora Barnacle.



Sandymount Strand, where Stephen walks and thinks, "The ineluctable modality of the visible."

Leopold and Molly Bloom's home at 7 Eccles is long gone, replaced with a hospital.


One of the more stunning sites of Dublin, at least to me -- the cemetary at Glasnevin in north Dublin. Buried there are the Pearse brothers, Daniel O'Connell, Charles Parnell and about a billion Catholic priests. Where Paddy Dignam was buried. Poor Dignam.

Shown is O'Connell's monument that dominates the cemetary, as well as one of the literally thousands of Celtic Catholic crosses.


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