Northern Ireland, June 2005: Belfast

A mural of hunger striker Bobby Sands, who died in May 1981 in the H Block of Derry's British prison. He was the first of 10 hunger strikers to die. His mural is on Sinn Fein's Belfast headquarters

Sinn Fein means
"Ourselves Alone"

bobby sands pic

peace wall

Built by the British, this Orwellian "Peace wall" divides the Catholic Falls Road neighborhood from the Protestant Shankill Road area. Shown is the "Prod" side on Shankill Road (you can tell which side you're on by the graffiti).

The British authorities watch much of Belfast via CCTV, closed circuit surveillance.

The cameras in this photo are perched atop a building across from Macgennis's pub, outside which Catholic Belfaster Robert McCartney was beaten to death in January 2005.

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