COM428/COM 429: International Multimedia Practicum

Three weeks in Florence, Italy, learning multimedia storytelling,
one of Berry's Summer International Programs

May 28-June 16, 2012 | $4,500 all-inclusive (except food)

(2008 Project Web Site)

ok6 credit hours applicable to any COM concentrationok

Berry Faculty:
Brian Carroll, Project Director
Curt Hersey, Videography
Kevin Kleine, Photography & Editorial

For more information:
contact: Dr. Brian Carroll
berry phone: 706- 368-6944


Course description: Undergraduate students learn how to report in an international, intercultural context, then to develop stories told via a web-based multimedia platform that combines and converges media.

The time in-country is spent immersing in Italian life and culture, balancing instruction with application in the field, and of course travel.


• professionalism and citizenship
• teamwork
• basics of reporting, interviewing, writing and editing
• basic skills for videography and photography
• basics of web publishing
• when and how to converge media to tell a Web-based story
• Italian history and culture

Cost: $4,500, which includes airfare, tuition/instruction, lodging, insurance (not included: food in country and local travel)

Note:This price might change due to airfares. You might qualify for an International Programs scholarship! Or a Kirbo scholarship!

Where? Lodging, Mac lab, classrooms and language and culture instruction provided by Accent International.

Physical address:

ACCENT Florence
Piazza Santo Spirito
10 50125 Firenze ITALY

Phone: + +
Fax: +39

How much should I budget for food? Past experience of students at LdM suggests that a range of €25, or $35 per week. We suggest budgeting for $50/week, shopping in local groceries and cooking in your apartment.

Course map The three weeks are spent blending instruction, field work, production and post-production.
During instruction, class time could be spent covering:

• Journalism
• Culture
• Photography and Videography
• Web Publishing

Daily schedule Depending on our tasks, up to 12 hours per day could be spent dedicated to the project, combining instruction, field work and production. Course instruction will be delivered during the day at first, then in the mornings toward the middle and latter parts of the month-long term, leaving afternoons for reporting, research and field work. Weekends are free for students to travel or to enjoy Florence, one of the planet's most majestic cities.
Professionalism & Citizenship Because the students work in teams, eat and sleep together, and face daily challenges of life in another land, a premium is placed on professionalism and citizenship. Faculty will model and teach professionalism, preparing students for the working world. Students will be required to:
• Be courteous and considerate, respectful of the lifestyles and customs of our Italian hosts. Students who compromise our welcome in the host community will be asked to return home. Students are also subject to Italian laws and justice.
• Dress and conduct themselves in ways that convey respect for the culture of the people whose stories we will be telling, and for the team members with whom they will be working
• Meet all deadlines
• Take the initiative in developing stories
• Overcome challenges and unusual circumstances inevitable in international contexts
Dec. 9 Official sign-up deadline and $800 deposit due (non-refundable)
Jan. 13 $1, 200 due
Feb. 27 Balance due ($2,500) to the registrar
late April Registration Cleanup Days (another chance to register for the course)
  Register during Spring advising for this course, which will be listed under Summer A block
  Register also with the U.S. Department of State, in case you need embassy help while in country

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This Study Abroad project
is a drug-free program.


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