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Intro to HTML

1. <I'm a TAG>:
TAGS are commands that tell browsers what to do. The are bounded by <brackets>.
TAGS are case insensitive, or they used to be, which means you can (still) use <html>, <htML> or <HTML>. Light switches. For XHTML, however, all lower-case, which is safer anyway.
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<head> header information, including your page title, goes in this section

<title> Put your PAGE title here </title>


<body> the rest of your web page content, commands go here. </body>

useful attribute tags:

Headings: <h1> head or sub-head here </h1>

Bold type: <b> bold text here </b>

Italic type: <i> italicized text here </i>

Font sizing: <font size=+2> text size goes up 2 here </font>

Paragraph break: <p>

Hard return: <br>

Horizontal rule: <hr>

Other useful tags (but not attributes):

hyperlink: <a href=>BC's home page</a>

inserting an image: <image src="">

email link: <>

2. <center> and <h1> are examples of BEGINNING TAGS and
</CENTER> and </H1> are examples of END TAGS.
The BEGINNING TAG turns the command on and the END TAG turns the command off.
You have to use both for most tags.

3. All HTML files should end with .htm or .html
A browser will not be able to read the file without one of these two endings. HTML files are plain text files, so do not create them in a word processing program, for example.

4. Client | Host | Download | Upload

5. WYSIWYG v. code (html and xhtml): It's why we use Dreamweaver. Other options: straight code, templates (Geocities, Angelfire, Tripod, Netscape).

6. Images are NOT part of your page; they download simultaneously with your page (on good days)

7. What is FTP? If you save web page on your computer, is it published to the Web? No. Have to upload, or transfer files.
What is HTTP?

8. Forensics: Go to your favorite Web site home page. CONTROL-click >> View Source

9. Can preview your own web pages: Start a browser. File >> Open >> your web page's filename

10. Images: .jpg v. .gif v. TIFs. Where to get them? (but beware and wary of copyright)

(Others: Corbis,,

Other things to remember (more to come here):

1. Make sure your homepage is named index.htm or index.html
2. Page filenames cannot have spaces in them ("graphic design.html" BAD; "graphic_design.html" GOOD)
3. Make sure all of your images have an ALT
4. Make sure you have filled out Page Properties, including page title (displays in top browswer bar)
5. Make sure update dates on pages when revising.

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